Confidence – People reveal which activity greatly improved it

People on Reddit were asked: “What activity greatly improved your confidence?” These are 10 of the best answers. Number 6 is my personal best.

1.) I said “yes” to a single dinner invitation from a new acquaintance. I didn’t have any friends in this town yet, and I’m really shy when I first meet people. I thought it would be a disaster and I wouldn’t have anything to say.

Turned out to be the first in a very long line of hang-outs. I have actual friends here now.

I know your confidence shouldn’t rest on other people’s shoulders, but making friends is a good boost.


2.) Just getting older and not giving a fuck what other people think of me.


3.) Working in retail. I’m thoroughly convinced all teenagers should work retail at some point in their lives.


4.) Looking up while walking instead of at the floor


5.) More than any individual activity, just having the tenacity to try things again and learn to shrug off rejection. I know how hard it can be to come out of your shell and how a negative experience might make someone afraid to try again, but the more times you get out there the easier it gets.

If you don’t fit in at a group or a club or a party don’t give those things up. Shrug off that paticular group and try another.

If you repeatedly get rejected for dates don’t be afraid or miserable about it. Just be polite and move on.

Fear of not being accepted leads to insecure behavior and a lack of confidence. If you enter a situation terrified of not getting the friendship or the job or the girl, it will be kind of obvious. Just have a healthy balance of genuine interest but complete and honest acceptance of not getting that thing.

The reason people seem to be hit on way more when they are in a relationship is because they treat new conversations as if they have nothing to lose if you don’t like them and they act accordingly; comfortable and comfident.

The funny thing is that you really don’t have anything to lose either. It’s a cliche, but the world is huge and there will always be other jobs, other people, etc. Hell, if you’re single and not attached to your location you could totally uproot and check out other cities.


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