Hardest Truth to accept

Things around us is not always in accordance to us. Sometimes, they are beyond our imagination. So, it becomes difficult to accept them. People were asked: “what’s the hardest truth you’ve ever had to accept?” These are some of the best answers.

1.) Years after my ex-fiancé broke off our engagement, I was looking online to see what had become of her.

I stumbled across a comment thread she had written shortly after our she broke it off.

For years I’d blamed her for breaking it off, but it was clear that she was devistated by the breakup and viewed me as driving the behavior that forced her to the breakup. It broke my heart to read about her so stricken with grief.

She had been the bad guy in my story for breaking it off. I had been the bad guy in her story by driving her to it. We’re probably both right. But maybe she’s more right.


2.) No matter how hard you try, no matter how nice you are, you will end up being the villain in someone’s story.


3.) My mom is going to be an alcoholic for the rest of her life. I honestly believe the only way for her to get clean would be an extended stay at a top-tier rehab facility followed by a complete lifestyle change including new hobbies and ongoing therapy to treat underlying causes (social anxiety and unresolved childhood issues). The likelihood of this happening is zero.


4.)  I’m going through this right now. My brother is an extreme alcoholic and I was his last life line to have somewhat of a normal life after my Mother and Father have both given up on him. He uses the people he loves and always puts himself first. Then when things go bad because he’s drinking 24-7 again and loses everything, he cries a lot and it’s hard not to feel sorry for him. But, he uses that as a weapon and ends up lying to you many many times a day. It’s always after a breakup with him he goes down the rabbit hole and just doesn’t care about anyone taking care of him and lies to everyone. He was bringing me down too much and broke many ultimatums I had given him and didn’t follow through with because I love him. I ended up calling the cops on him to get him out of my house Friday because he got drunk again and started getting “tough” with me because I was controlling his wallet and money. He lost his job because of it and has almost no money for himself and I’m paying for everything.

I ended up resigning my lease and have to pay a hefty amount that’s almost out of my range now because I didn’t want him to be far from his job, but he’s done screwed that up too. Somehow he got drunk again and got violent demanding his finances back to get more alcohol. Started saying FUCK YOU to me and all this shit and has made my house a terrible mess because I’ve been out of town. I realized Friday I can’t help him anymore because he doesn’t want to help himself and that he’s dragging me too far down with him. He ends up saying he’s going to kill himself and all this stuff so I end up taking him back, but I’m done. By giving him a place and refuge to let him still get messed up every day and not do anything of importance I was just enabling him. It hurt me so bad to kick him out because he’s homeless now, but I had to do it or he’ll never get better. It sucks.


5.) That my husband at age 31 is diagnosed with a rare type of dementia (Primary Progressive Aphasia) for his age and we have no idea how fast it will progress or what our lives will look like in 10 years. Currently he’s having trouble comprehending even the most direct email or conversation, can hardly speak and has lost his job.


6.) I cared for her so much but she ended up leaving me for another guy. We broke up in August of last year and we both still talk to each other today. But it’s not the same. She isn’t the lively person that she used to be, she doesn’t laugh or joke with me anymore. Everything is basically non-existent. I don’t want to talk to her because of how much emotional pain she’s making me go through (which isn’t her fault). But I can’t last for longer than a day. When I confront her about the pain I’m going through and that the best option for me is to leave once and for all, she doesn’t agree and will not let me leave, no matter what I do.

It hurts. A lot.


7.) Your best is sometimes just not good enough.

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