This kitten was stuck in a pipe – How these firefighters save the kitten is Heart Warming

Firefighters rescued a kitten that was stuck in a pipe. It took them 10 minutes to cut the pipe, so the kitten could get out of it.

Kitten’s face at the beginning is a perfect example of “this is my life now.

This is the heart-warming moment a group of firefighters in China rescued a pet cat after it got stuck in a tiny pipe.

The feline had run into the long metal tube, which was a part of a basketball stand, after it got frightened.

Seeing the cat trapped from head to toe inside the tiny pole, the anxious owner, surnamed Li, immediately called the local firefighters, who cut open the tube using an electric saw.

My best favorite !

I probably laughed harder than I should have watching that dude lightly squish the cats face down into the hole at the end.

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